We are the URMCA.

United for a stronger future.

We are the Ready-Mixed Concrete and Cement producers, suppliers, designers and builders who work together to build Utah strong, one yard at a time.

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Build for a Lifetime.

Concrete buildings are strong, resilient and stand the test of time. They resist fires, withstand earthquakes, floods and hurricane strength winds. Building with concrete provides maximum safety, security, and comfort for all building occupants.

If you’re not building with concrete, you’re not building to last.

Commit to Safety.

Building with concrete can save lives.

Each year over 2,000 people die, and more than 10,000 people are injured in residential fires. Building with combustible materials puts lives at risk. Not only are concrete buildings dramatically safer during fires, but they are also healthier for daily living.

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Shape the Future.

Are you innovative and creative? Then consider concrete.

Concrete buildings provide remarkable flexibility and creativity in design, exceptional aesthetic possibilities, strongly positive environmental support, rapid cost-saving construction, and are the most economical for owners over time.

Concrete construction can also earn LEED credits for green building design and construction.

Build with concrete for maximum ingenuity.

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