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Concrete Construction

Concrete Innovations

Concrete is the most widely used building product in the world. New innovative concrete products and manufacturing methods include self-cleaning, bendable, cementless and self-consolidating concrete. ...

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Quality of roads affect (1) Safety, (2) Traffic, (3) Comfort of driving, (4) Fuel consumption and (5) Quality of air. Therefore, maintaining roadway networks in their top condition is in the best interest of our society.

The Carbin App: Crowdsourcing Road-Quality Info

Smoother roads last longer. Driving on smoother roads requires less fuel. It is not easy to access government data on road conditions. This has led to a new smartphone app: Carbin”, a crowd-sourced tool that is collecting information about the condition of the world’s highways and roads. ...

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Streets in Shoreview, Minnesota, have been repaved with permeable pavement. Typically used to manage stormwater runoff, permeable pavement is proving to be a useful technique for eliminating the use of road salt. (Courtesy City of Shoreview)

Road Salt is Cheap to Purchase, But Hidden Costs Abound

Road salt is cheap to purchase, but communities often pay a big price down the road. Once chloride-based road salt gets into the water table, lakes and streams, it cannot be removed. It is also toxic to fish and other animals and is corrosive to cars and infrastructure. ...

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Net Zero Building

The Pathway to Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Innovation requires collaboration, and that is what Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and other partners are doing as they work to create lower- and even negative-carbon concrete solutions. ...

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Heidelberg pledges to create carbon neutral concrete by 2050

Carbon Neutral Concrete Pledge

A year-end article in the Harvard Business Review named German cement company Heidelberg’s pledge to create carbon neutral concrete by 2050 as one of the Top Sustainability Stories of 2019... a first for the industry....

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2019: Utah Economic Summary

Utah 2019: The Year in Review

Numbers don’t lie. Employment: UP Housing prices: UP (9.2% vs. 4.2% nationally) Personal income: UP Per capita income: UP Construction job: UP 9.1% Right now, we are building the Utah of the future. This is the time to build with strength....

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Architecture Club designs a new atelier for artist Monika Sosnowska in Warsaw

Artist Monika Sosnowska loves concrete

Sosnowska frequently uses concrete in her art and her new atelier is a simple concrete volume created with a 5m by 12m concrete frame. The space is “Minimal and tidy, her voluminous concrete and glass studio lends itself to pure, undistracted experimentation.”...

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Wallace Neff with Concrete Bubble House

Wallace Neff’s Concrete Bubble Houses

Famed architect Wallace Neff spent his final days in a 1,000-square-foot concrete bubble house. He first designed these structures near the end of WW2, when the government was looking for low-cost solutions to the upcoming housing shortage. Read on for instructions on how to build your own!...

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